For more than 30 years, scientists have been researching minerals and trace elements on the basis of the cycle of nature.


The knowledge that has been aquired on mineral balance has also been an inherent element of the research  and development activities at Reico Vital-Systems.  There are currently activating and regulating minerals we are known to absorb with our diet.  We therefore, find it important to keep these as balanced as possible.  Today it is common knowledge that humans are closely related to their environment.  Well-being not only depends on the weather, but rather more decisively on nutrition.


Those of us who have already had to suffer from gastric disorders such as acid reflux know what kind of repercussions an unbalanced diet can have.  A loss in balance may result in metabolic disorders. The following factors are extremely important for our cells:


1.      Human cell fluid should have a pH value beween 6.2 and 6.8.

2.      We see the conditions for this as in a mineral balance

3.      In natural enzymes, in nutrition, with which the body can break down undesirable or

         excessive substances and thus create its own balance


The overfertilization of soil as a result of industrial production in  agriculture can cause mineral imbalance.     


If activating minerals are predominantly added to the soil on which we cultivate our foodstuff, this will affect its inherent micro-organisms well as the nutritional value of the subsequent harvest. We find this creates an imbalance that is transferred to humans and animals through nutrition. This may prevent the maintenance of an acid-based balance in one’s body.  Adding alkaline minerals to our body with the aid of a varied and well-balanced diet can offsett the excessive acidification of the body. 


If the body is subject to excessive amounts of acidity, it will deplete its minerals depots (e.g. bones, skin, hair, teeth and joints).  A permanent demineralization is known to result in a weakening of the immune system and impair one’s sense of well-being, vitality and fitness.  If  humans and animals are in balance, the immune system functions optimally.  This ist he foundation for fitness, well-being and vitality.



Please keep in mind that our supplements and feed do not replace medical treatment or medication.