The wild ancestors, compared to our modern-day companion horse, fed on a large variety of plants in their habitat.  Grasses and herbs grew in soil that was not exploited by intense agriculture nor damaged be environmental influences. 


If we pursue the aim of feeding our animals species appropriately, and therefore healthy, it is not entirely  possible to do so by adminstering industrially acquired raw materials and by adding some minerals.  The many herbal ingredients which a herbivore living in the wild consumes, cannot be replaced by anything other than the largest possible selection of these herbs.


Here the plant itself does not play a major role, but rather the makeup of the plant cells. The cellulose of the cell walls and the fiber structures of the plant can be macerated by a horse‘s digestive system.  In the overall energy balance these qualities only play an inferior role.  We subject our herbs to a process that removes the fibers from these herbs and fragment their cells at 36°C to such an extent, that all plant cells are mechanically fragmented and so that the animal organism can  absorb the valuble ingredients immediately and without restriction. 


By using plants from a variety of regions and combining them with marine plants, various selected algae types, we ensure that horses receive the trace elements and micornutrients that are essential for the animals‘ optimal health (just like they are for ours). 

We have 13 different feed complexes which can remedy or even prevent deficiencies based on your horses requirements and their individuality.


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